Life Saving!

"It is not an exaggeration to say that Philippa saved my life.


After three years of baffling, debilitating illness, including chronic fatigue, constant lung and throat infections, and kidney/liver pain, Philippa was able to get to the heart of the issue.


With gentle, attentive care, she has coaxed my system back to health. She is not only intuitive and smart, but compassionate and kind." 


(PD London)   

Results after just 24 hours!


"I had a chest infection for a week, which cleared up, but moved to my throat. Meaning I found it hard to swallow and breathe.


Philippa then recommended a remedy which cleared up my pains within 24 hours! Thanks Philippa!"


(PF Bristol)

Better as 30 years of suffering!


"After almost 30 years of struggling with massive hay fever problems, and taking lots of antihistamines that never seemed to do the job, I tried a different path. I came to Philippa to test a different approach.


It didn’t take very long before it was much better. Now, 5 years have passed since our first appointment and even though I have hardly any problems with allergies any more, if I feel the first symptoms coming, that I’ve known for so many years, I take one remedy and the symptoms vanish.


It’s good to know that after so many years, the remedy selected by Philippa still does the job."


(MF Cornwall)   

Improved health!

"I am so thrilled to have found Philippa!


She is skilful, intuitive and wonderfully caring.


Through her deep listening and her obviously keen knowledge of homeopathy, she has been able to quickly address the symptoms, situations and challenges I have been facing.


My health is better for her care and my heart is comforted knowing she is there for me whether by appointment or email.


I have already recommended Philippa to family and friends and I wholeheartedly recommend her to you!"

(SO California)

Results after only 7 days!


"Several weeks after an operation on my medial meniscus I was still in immense pain and the swelling on my knee just didn’t want to go down.


But I had to get back to work.


My doctor couldn’t help me and only said that it would get better after a while.


That’s when Philippa came into play. After two treatments (7 days each) with homeopathic remedies, I am now free of pain and the swelling on my knee has gone down completely.


A short time after starting the treatment, I already felt pain relief.


Thank you, Philippa!


Next time I’ll come to you straight away."