Everything which is included in the regular High Spirits Club Membership plus 2 live Zoom coaching sessions with small groups for personal solutions, guidance and support.  Including email access to me throughout the month.


The regular membership includes:


✅  Weekly Guided Meditations

Every Sunday you will receive a guided meditation to support you and top you up every day for the week ahead. This will help you get fully in control of your emotions and prepare you to deal with anything the week brings your way.

✅  Daily Affirmations

Start your day, every day with a positive affirmation to put you on the right track for the day ahead. When you start your day with positive expectation, it helps to keep things moving in the right direction and supports you to boost your confidence so you can flow easily into your day with grace and power. Use these affirmations to stay focused and balanced throughout the day, every day.

✅   Journaling With Prompts

You will receive a journal with prompts for you to track your progress every step of the way, keeping your thoughts organised and positive as you set goals and track your achievements large and small. Journaling enables the self-reflection that is critical to your emotional wellbeing, making this the cornerstone of your self-improvement. You will more easily see habits and patterns which no longer serve you, enabling you to work on transforming them into the positive beliefs that will create the healthy and happy future you deserve.

✅  Anxiety Release Tool Kit

With the best will and intentions, life can still throw a spanner in the works from time to time and trigger your feelings of anxiety, overwhelm and even burnout. The anxiety release tool kit is a video program, with bite-sized ‘how to’ videos that will enable you to regain control of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Dip in and out of these videos, choosing the one that’s right for you at the time, or work through them all. Some of the topics you can expect to find in the Anxiety Release Tool Kit are: How to talk yourself down, How to breathe your way to calm, Tapping to release anxiety, The 3-3-3 technique, Opening your heart, Tips for quitting sugar, How to walk it off. If there are any other topics you wish to see in this library, please do let me know once you are in the program.



✅  Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathy has an excellent track-record for supporting your well-being by reducing feelings of anxiety and overwhelm. While a homeopathic prescription is individual to each person, you are going to learn about how homeopathy works and which remedies work for which acute situations so that you have complete control of your new healthcare habits.



✅  Weekly Accountability Sessions

Not only will you track your own progress in your journal, but we will be tracking your progress together. Each week you can join a live session in the membership group where we will set goals and intentions for the week. During this time, you will get the chance to ask questions and get feedback and advice. When you have someone encouraging your progress, you are more likely to succeed.



✅  Quick-fix Mini Meditations

Whenever you need a quick-fix, you can tap into these short 5 minute meditations to get you back on track whenever you feel your emotions starting to unravel. These short, fast-acting meditations, on a wide range of topics and situations will get you right back on track in just a few short minutes.



✅  Goal Setting & Mindset Activities

Along with the weekly accountability sessions, you will also receive a goal and mindset activity for the month ahead. Once you start to see your potential and experience the peace that comes with gaining control over your emotions, you will see your mindset start to shift and grow as your emotions stabilise.

The High Spirits Club VIP Program

Price Options
Monthly Subscription
£77.00monthly/ auto-renew
    • Twice-monthly, small group, personal Zoom sessions (limited membership)
    • Weekly Guided Meditations
    • Journaling With Prompts
    • Daily Affirmations
    • Anxiety Release Tool Kit
    • Homeopathic Remedies
    • Weekly Accountability Sessions
    • Quick-fix Mini Meditations
    • Goal Setting & Mindset Activities