From Grief to Gratitude - Ep. Two - Up On YouTube!! Grief Support For People Affected By Su

Following on from Part 1 (click here to view Part 1), this second part looks at ways to start moving up the emotional scale. There is a handout which accompanies this episode, which you can get your copy of here...

You can't move from a depressed, grief ridden state of mind, right up the being full of peace and

gratitude, in one easy step.

There are stages of emotions to focus on moving up.

Check it out here: Grief To Gratitude - Part 2 on YouTube

Or watch the video right here:

In this second part, we look at how to start moving up the emotion scale..

We do an exercise together, which can be found in the hand out, and there are 2 additional exercises to do on your own, to help even more.

Take a look, share and comment.

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