Case Study - Woman goes from violent monthly outbursts to calm, collected and happy

[Names dates and places have been changed to protect the anonymity of the patient]

Carol was one of my first cases after graduation and was somewhat of a baptism of fire into the healing power of homeopathy.

Carol was in her early 30s, happily married to a man she could only describe as an angel,

worked full time and once a month would become so violent that she all but beat her husband for usually nothing.

Her angel of a husband knew full well it was the dreaded hormones that sent her into this violent spiral, and stood by her and waited patiently for it to pass.

Carol and I hit it off immediately and we very quickly developed a good rapport. We started out with the usual questions on the symptoms and how they develop and occur and Carol explained to me that as her menstrual cycle progressed, she felt this destructive force take over to the point where she could do nothing to control it. It was affecting her work, as she was not able to go to work during the worst part, her relationship was of course under pressure, and she had the feeling that as the years progressed it was only getting worse.

Once I'd taken the symptoms we started to explore a little of Carols past and it was soon apparent that Carol's childhood, teen years and 20s had been pretty turbulent.

Most homeopaths end up specialising in the thing that they most attract into their daily practices and for me, over the years, that turned out to be a lot of cases with similar backgrounds to Carol.

Carols parents had split up when she was very young and her mother and father were alcoholics. She lived with her dad and described her mother as 'useless'. Carol had one older brother and as the conversation progressed, Carol shared with me that from a fairly young age, her brother had abused her on a regular basis. (a homeopathic pattern was starting to emerge)

Unfortunately, Carol's parents refused to believe there was anything bad going on and so Carol had to endure years of abuse until she was able to move out of the family home. But due to not having a stable family influence, and her introduction to sexuality being that of abuse, she carried the learnt destructive behaviours into her teens and 20s. That included drug taking, drinking, promiscuity and self harm.

At some point along the way the universe did her a solid and she met her husband and that

destructive life moulded into a happy, calm and contended marriage. But as the years progressed, the violent phases in line with her cycles got worse and worse.

Carol would first feel the symptoms as a flash of heat on her chest. This was followed by the beast within emerging and eventuating with her yelling and screaming in rage at her husband, smashing things, punching walls or other surfaces to stop herself from hitting her husband and an evil and insensitive tongue.

To me the first prescription was clear, in that we needed to address that traumatic childhood and level the playing field for the body to start to heal itself.

Carol took that first remedy and came back to see me 5 weeks later. Carol reported that the change was miraculous. She had still felt the physical symptoms of heat and other assorted bits and bobs, but she had at no point felt any urge of violence towards anyone and was able to go to work at exactly the time she usually had to stay at home.

We worked through the remaining symptoms again and a second remedy was prescribed appropriate to what was remaining.

We saw each other 4 weeks later and all the symptoms were gone!

We saw each other one more time 4 weeks later again, more because Carol wanted to than the need homeopathically (it's often the case that patients enjoy the process of unpacking their lives a little as they feel heard and cared for) and she was still well.

We left it open for her to contact me again as and when she needed to and other than a couple of hello, how are you emails, I have not seen her since.

This was a fairly clear cut case that we were able to unravel and get to the heart of pretty quickly. More often than not, there are several other layers of trauma and pathology that require unpacking, but it's a very satisfying example of how powerful homeopathy and the homeopathic process can be.

Let's work together to move you into joy and gratitude too:

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