Homeopathy - Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a gentle, non-toxic and extremely effective system of medicine based on the premise that like-cures-like.


Homeopathy has been safely used to stimulate, encourage and assist the body to cure itself for over 200 years and is used by over a billion people around the globe.  


Homeopathy is safe: Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic, non-addictive & completely safe for everyone – young, old, pregnant women, babies, animals & even if you are already on many other forms of medication.


Ethical: Homeopathic remedies are not tested on animals, nor are they petrochemical based. Instead they have been tested on healthy volunteers using rigorous double-blind trials.


Empowering: Health and Well-being should be down to the individual and as a Homeopath, it’s my job to bring you to a place where you no longer need my help.  When you have the tools to help yourself, you can move along your own health journey without my aid.


Effective: Don’t just take my word for it, take the word of millions of people who find relief using Homeopathic remedies every day.  Often my patients tell me that I am their last resort because nothing else has worked and they are amazed by the results that are achieved.

Why Is Homeopathy So Effective?

Programmed into the very fabric of every living and breathing thing, is an innate intelligence which keeps the organism in a state of health and balance, day after day.  When illness occurs, that state of health has been knocked off its balance and the result is symptoms.

Other systems of medicine seek to suppress those symptoms, rather then seek their root cause.  This often gives temporary relief, followed by a new set of symptoms which need further suppression.  The circle goes on until most of the medications people are on, are to suppress the side effects of other medications.

Homeopathic medicines seek to stimulate, encourage and support your body's innate intelligence to heal itself and regain balance.  

If you think of your body as a room and in the doorway of that room suddenly a box appears.  The box is like a health issue.  Every time you try to walk through the doorway, you trip over the box and hurt yourself.  Those are your symptoms.  This happens all day after day.  You're fed up with tripping up every day so you go to your doctor and he gives you a tablet and you are now able to jump over the box.  But the box is still there, it hasn't been removed.  A carefully selected homeopathic remedy would give you the stimulus to ben d down and remove the box forever and walk freely through the doorway without having to jump over the box for the rest of your life.

The effectiveness of Homeopathy come from its ability to treat the cause of the health issue as well as the symptoms being expressed, thereby removing it forever.  

It's not a very good business model for a good Homeopath!

What Happens In A Consultation?

The consultation is a conversation between you and me.   They usually last 90 minutes and during that time I will try to find out everything I can which is relevant to your health issue.

We begin by addressing your symptoms and note down every detail of them we can.  Be prepared to be asked to describe your symptoms in detail.  So if you are experiencing pain, you will be asked to describe what that pain feels like.

The rest of the time we look at when your symptoms started, what was going on around that time, any traumatic events in your life, both physical and emotional and family medical history.  The time is taken at looking at you as an individual and how you fit into the world and your environment.  It is of course up to you how much or how little information you give and it's my aim to build a trusting and supportive relationship with you.

How Often Do I Need An Appointment?

I usually leave 4 to 5 weeks between appointments to allow the remedy to stimulate healing.  The follow up appointments are to see how well that remedy has worked.  As your health state changes and new or changes in your state occur, a new remedy may be appropriate.  The Homeopathic process is not a one-pill-quick-fix.  We are very complex creatures who deserve the correct attention needed to bring about the best health state possible, and hold that in place.  

It is best not to leave too long between appointments because we need to keep the body stimulated and update treatment as changes occur.

How Long Before I Feel Improvement?

Every patient is a little different.  I have had patients get immediate relief, and others who take 2 or even 3 weeks to start feeling the changes.  It depends on your energy, how vital you are, how long you have been experiencing your health issue and what toxins or external influences may be impacting on your recovery.


Most people report noticeable changes within 10 days.  

Is There Any Evidence Homeopathy Works?

Yes, there is.  There are thousands of documents cases from over 200 years of patients.  Some of which were seemly incurable health issues.  In our modern world of rigorous research The Homeopathic Research Institute conducts testing and the results are available on their website and peer reviewed medical journals.  Not to mention the millions of people who use Homeopathy daily.

Are There Any Side Effects?

No, there are no side effects to Homeopathic Medicines.  Is it possible that you may suffer an aggravation in that some symptoms may appear to get worse temporarily, but this is actually a good indication that the body has been properly stimulated and it is working at regaining balance.  Getting an unusual rash, for example, is an excellent indication of positive action. 

Very sensitive people may also actually 'prove' the remedy.  When a Homeopathic Remedy is tested and trial participants are given the remedy, a set of symptoms usually occurs.  These are the very symptoms that this remedy is then suitable to treat.  This process is called proving a remedy (taken from the German word Prüfen, which means to test).  Very sensitive people may display these proving symptoms so if you know you are sensitive to your environment, you should let me know during our initial consultation.  There are ways to avoid this occurring.

What If I'm Already On Medication?

Homeopathy is an energy medicine so there are no adverse interactions with conventional drugs.  You can and should continue to take what ever medications your doctor has prescribed you.  However, as you start to heal, you may need to adjust those medications.  It is therefore a good idea to advise your doctor when you commence Homeopathic treatment.

You may be a little nervous about doing this because not all doctors accept the efficacy of Homeopathy.  In an ideal world Homeopathy and conventional medicine would work hand-in-hand and it is my wish that my treatments work with those prescribed by your doctor and not against.  The most important part of your healing is YOU and you should therefore receive all the support you need from all angles.