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About Me

Do you find it difficult to find someone to help you navigate the aftermath of the trauma you have experienced in life, because they just don't get it?

I totally understand that!  I've been there too.

Working with me means working with someone who is understanding, supportive and authentic.

There are 3 things you need to know about me:

  1. I LOVE music - particularly Heavy Metal

  2. I love gardening and nature

  3. I love what I do

If you want to know exactly how I became The Well-being Gardener, you can read my story here, but for the scaled down version, read on.

I used to label myself a Homeopath and Nutritional Therapist.  Which are both things I am qualified, registered and experienced in, but my work is so much more than that.

I am a positive and understanding Well-being Therapist who empowers those affected by grief and suicide in a lighthearted - but extremely effective way, so they are able to pivot into more joyful lives without shame, blame or guilt.

I use all the tools and learning I've gathered along my own journey to build programs to move people from grief to gratitude.

I also run Homeopathy In The Garden, a Facebook Group which teaches people how to use Homeopathy on their plants and in their gardens.

For the past 5 years, I have been working one to one with people to help and support them to move on from their trauma, grief and depression.  It has been wonderful, fulfilling work, but it has meant I can only help a small number of people.  My programs enable me to reach many more people and help so many more find joy, peace, empowerment and gratitude.