17 Reasons To Use Homeopathy​

1) Homeopathy works.  Homeopathy acts on children, babies, the elderly, pets and farm animals. Take a look at Homeopathy at Wellie Level for information on how successful Homeopathy has been on the farm.

2) Homeopathy is approved by the FDA in America, the NHS in the UK, and is a standard form of medicine in France & Germany.   Unlike modern drugs, Homeopathy has never had a history of even one remedy having been forced off the market for adverse reactions. 

3) Homeopathy is inexpensive. The average cost of a remedy is around $7.00 or £4.50. In the UK, remedies come in bottles of around 125 tablets. 

4) Homeopathy is used and enforced by many famous and influential people. These are the people who could afford to select any medicine in the world, yet depended on homeopathy. For example, the British Royal Family, Paul McCartney, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, former Prime Minister Tony Blair, many American presidents including Bill Clinton, plus too many others to mention.

5) Homeopathy is a learning experience.  You learn more about yourself and others, making it fun and educational.

6) Homeopathy has 200 years of evidence of efficacy.  There are hundreds of scientific studies which show the efficacy of Homeopathy.  Check out The Homeopathic Research Institute for a small selection.

7) Homeopathy has no side effects.

8) Homeopathy is used on a regular basis by over 200 million people world wide and is included in the national health systems of a number of countries, including Brazil, Chile, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Switzerland.

9) Homeopathy works. It’s that simple. If the selected remedy is correct, it will often act within minutes or hours. For chronic health issues (longer than 6 weeks), it can take weeks and months. Even with months of treatment, this is a long way from having to take pharmaceuticals for a life time.

10) Homeopathy treats the whole person and not just the symptoms.  Doctors simply don't have the time to examine patients in a holistic manor.  Homeopaths take the time to learn how you experience your symptoms.  Everyone is different and deserves individualised treatment.

11) Homeopathy can be life saving in so far as giving you back a dis-ease free life.  Patients can go from a life of pain, to pain free. 

12) Homeopaths are also available for acute consultations where a quick remedy is needed for things like, colds, flu or bumps and scrapes.  World wide help is available 24 hour a day 7 days a week through Homeopathy 247

13) Homeopathic philosophy follows specific decrees and principles based on the Laws of Nature. These have been proven for over 200 years, meaning they are not just considered theory.

14) Homeopathy is easy to dispense. Kids love the taste and pets and livestock accept it readily, too.

15) Homeopathy gives you back control of your health.  Your Homeopath works with you to bring you back to health.  It's a process you work through together and your Homeopath is invested in your recovery.

16) Homeopathic remedies do not expire.  Most have expiry dates on them due to the presence of sugar in the pills.  Because sugar is a food stuff, there has to by law be an expiration date.  But some of the remedies used by Samuel Hahnemann are still being used today. 

17) Homeopathic knowledge can be passed down through generations thereby creating healthier generations and easing her burden on the environment and health services.