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Helping anxious women over 40 create balance, resilience, and emotional control

Get the tools, resources and ongoing live support to give you empowerment and control in every area of your life

My Services

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Individualised Homeopathic Treatment

One-To-One Treatment

Homeopathy is a powerful system of medicine used to assist with anything from menopause to tooth ache to anxiety and depression.  

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Create balance, focus resilience and emotional control

Women over 40, listen up!

Are you sick of the roller-coaster of emotions you go through day-by-day?

Does life just seem to overwhelm you and you just can't seem to get on top of things?

Does anxiety stop you from living the life you truly desire?

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Health Package

Save with bulk booking

Have the peace of mind that your journey back to health will be covered without you having to think about it.

Buy and book in bulk to save time and money.

Homeopathy Testimonials

"It is not an exaggeration to say that Philippa saved my life.


After three years of baffling, debilitating illness, including chronic fatigue, constant lung and throat infections, and kidney/liver pain, Philippa was able to get to the heart of the issue.


With gentle, attentive care, she has coaxed my system back to health. She is not only intuitive and smart, but compassionate and kind." 


(PD London)   

Online Testimonials

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